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Our focus on working with recruitment agencies is to develop a strong trusting relationship through our transparent, uncomplicated and most importantly, compliant, Umbrella Payroll service.  Our service caters to both large and small agencies so no matter the size of your workforce, you can be rest assured your requirements will be dealt with in an efficient manner that puts the needs of your workforce at the forefront.

We are here to help you and your workers

Flexible Payroll

We can offer daily, weekly and monthly payroll options. It’s up to you when you want your contractors paid.

Account Managed

Agencies and contractors are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure that our service is personable and professional.

Bespoke Service

Our service is tailored to the needs of your agency and the needs of your contractors so you always receive the best possible service.

Agency Support

If you or your staff have questions regarding payroll, legislation or general working, we are here to help, advise and inform.

Because of our combined backgrounds and industry experience, we understand the ongoing needs of the service you provide. We will look after all aspects of the onboarding and payroll processes. From the initial registration to administration and processing payments.  We will assist you with understanding the latest legislative requirements and any industry updates.  Your success is our success.

An Exceptional Service Is Just A Message Away

Our Promise To You

Above all else, we promise to give all contractors the customer service and support that they deserve. We will always strive to help you in any way we can, when we can.

  • Honesty and compliance

    We will always stay up to date and at the forefront with our understanding of current compliance and legislation laws with to aim to keep you advised, legal and compliant.

  • Get to know you

    We will do our best to know and understand your individual needs as a business. We will respond to all requests and compliance queries from agencies we work with in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Terms you understand

    We will explain things clearly, without complex legal, accountancy, payroll, and tax jargon so you can understand all aspects of your payroll as clearly as we do.

  • Advice and guidance

    We will ensure that we provide all agencies and contractors with expert advice that’s up-to-date on tax, compliance, and industry-specific legislation.

  • Customer Service

    We will always go above and beyond to ensure the needs of both the clients that we work with as well as the workers they engage with are met to the highest of standards.

  • Look To The Future

    We will always strive to improve the service that we offer. We will improve where possible and grow when needed to ensure that we are always the first choice in umbrella payroll solutions.

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