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Umbrella Or PAYE

With April 2020 looming, many contractors are finding that they have to find an alternative pay method for receiving their remuneration. Most agencies are instructing contractors to use an umbrella company to be able receive payments from the agency, otherwise... Read More

Are You Looking At Me?

According to the employment appeals tribunal Addison Lee’s drivers are not self employed contractors.  If you were to ask Addison Lee they would tell you that they are. Their workers drive an Addison Lee car/van that has Addison Lee permanently displayed... Read More

Off-Payroll Is Coming To The Private Sector

The implementation of IR35 into the private sector has been set for April 2020.  The only businesses that are not effected are those who don’t have a turnover of less than £6.5m, a balance sheet totalling more than £3.26m, and... Read More