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Why Use a Compliant Umbrella Payroll Company

If you are a contractor, you have a number of options when it comes to payroll. You can set up your own limited company (if outside of IR35), or you can use an umbrella payroll provider. The odds are that... Read More

Why Should You Request A P45?

It is a disturbingly common practice among contractors to move from one umbrella payroll provider to another whilst they are working with recruitment agencies. This can be down to a number of reasons including an agency insisting that you use... Read More

Why Should I Use Salary Sacrifice?

With the continued bulk of contracts falling inside of IR35, many contractors are being hit with a double-whammy. Workers are seeing an increase in the amount of HMRC contributions that they are liable for compared to working through their Limited... Read More

Why Do Contractors Pay the Apprenticeship Levy (App Levy)?

One of the most common questions from contractors when they first start working with an umbrella payroll service is “why am I paying the app levy?”. App levy is passed on to the contractor as it cannot be taken from... Read More

2020 – A Year In Review

2020 for many has been a year of uncertainties, and a year of frustration. With the outbreak of Covid 19 causing both fear and frustration, the knock-on effect that it has had has been much more far reaching than anticipated. From... Read More

Preparing For The Future With Your Pension

The number of self-employed and contracted workers that continue to prepare for retirement by investing in a pension has seen a drastic reduction according to our sources. This in part could be put down to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and... Read More

The Fallout From Contractor Loan Schemes

Like nuclear fallout, the contractor loan schemes that were offered in the past still continue to have an affect on those that used them. We have posted about these loan schemes in the past warning contractors about the use of... Read More

Building A Better Umbrella

Despite many agencies now instructing contractors to only use FCSA accredited umbrellas, the marketplace is still full of dubious payment providers. Unfortunately when a contractor is offered a unrealistically high take-home pay, they are willing to push and push the... Read More

The Future of Furloughing

As the smallest entity across industry supply chains, contractors have been among the hardest hit by the Covid 19 lockdown.  For many contractors, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been an essential and valuable necessity when many of their... Read More

Umbrella Or PAYE

With April 2020 looming, many contractors are finding that they have to find an alternative pay method for receiving their remuneration. Most agencies are instructing contractors to use an umbrella company to be able receive payments from the agency, otherwise... Read More