When working with an umbrella payroll solution there are a number of factors that you should be aware of. These consist of what is compliant, what you are paid and what is deducted, and how to understand your payslip.

Below are some handy guides that you should download and read to ensure that you completely understand what it means to you when working through and umbrella payroll service.

Click the images below to download the files.

Working Under Umbrella PAYE

Working under an umbrella PAYE model is like being in standard employment. This guide will explain the differences.

Working With Payments Pro FAQ

These are the key facts which you should understand when working with an umbrella payroll solution. This document is a must.

Understanding Your Payslip

Understanding the information on your payslip is a good place to start before you call us. Most questions are answered here.

Employee Handbook

The standard rules and regulations when working with Payments Pro.

App Guide

How to download and login to our dedicated IOS & Android payroll and savings app.

Additional links and information that you may find helpful while contracting

There are many aspects of contracting that be daunting or confusing so we have put together a collection of links that should help!
  • DBS Online Update Service
    Use this link to prove your DBS status (we require it for any sector where you work with children or vulnerable adults). L
    ogin to generate a code for us to use.
  • Right To Work Check
    If you are in the UK on a work permit you will need to prove to us your Right To Work status. You can create a code that you can send to us by following the link.