Employee Benefits

You Get More When You Work With Us

When you join Payments Pro, you will be entitled to the regular benefits that come with PAYE.  You will receive holiday pay and sick pay, calculated and based on your earnings. And for peace on mind, you will have the assurance that the correct contributions have been paid to the HMRC ensuring that you are compliant.

We also offer a Pension Auto Enrolment service.

Holiday Pay

Since April 2009, the HMRC defined that all PAYE employees are entitled to paid breaks in work (holiday pay) for the duration of their employment. This amounts to 20 days for Payments Pro Umbrella Payroll contractors not including bank and public holidays.

If you work fewer days or hours per week, or just certain months out of the year, your holiday pay entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

We provide ‘rolled up’ holiday pay, which is paid each week or month to you Under the terms of the ‘Working Time Regulations’ (WTR).  Holiday pay is not included in basic pay, so we will to show each element of pay as a separate entry on each of your payslips.

For more information you can access a concise guide to holiday entitlement at the GOV.UK site.

Sick Pay

None of us can say that we are never sick.  From ‘the sniffles’ to more serious ailments that can cause us to take time off of work, we have all suffered, and more concerning, our bank accounts suffer.

When you are self employed or run a limited company it is your responsibility to claim statutory sick pay (SSP) which can be time consuming and more of a pain than being ill.  When you join Payments Pro Umbrella Payroll you are classed as our employee so we take care of it for you.  If you have been ill for at least 4 days in a row (including non-working days) and earn at least £113 (before tax) per week, all you need to do is let us know and we take care of the rest for you!

For more information on statutory sick pay (SSP) you can access a guide at the GOV.UK site.


Online Portal & Mobile App

In today’s society, workers need to access their employment details wherever they want, whenever they want (internet dependant).  From accessing a payslip, submitting expenses (if applicable), or sending your online timesheet (if applicable), this can all be done at a time that suits your needs using the Payments Pro Umbrella Payroll portal or mobile device app.

If you don’t want use the app then our portal is also designed to be mobile responsive so it displays and operates on any device, from the largest screen down to a smart phone screen.  This means you will always have a hassle-free way of accessing your information.

To access our portal click here or download our app from Apple or Android app store. Just search for ‘My Digital Accounts – Umbrella’.

Get Paid More & Save More

Everyone loves to save money.  We use it and we save loads and we want to give it to all of the contractors that work with us.  Payments Pro Umbrella Payroll have teamed up with Reward Gateway to offer all of our employees’ exclusive savings and discounts.

You will make savings in pretty much all areas of life, from food and drink to travel and you can even save big your phone contract and buying new tech.

Pension Auto Enrolment

At Payments Pro Umbrella Payroll, not only do we secure your income today, but we also take your future income into consideration.  Having a pension is an essential part of your retirement.  Having the peace of mind that your pension is steadily growing is going to ensure that you are prepared for the future.

Our pension service is fully regulated with The Pensions Regulator (TPR).  We will provide you with a fully compliant and researched scheme that gives your future the attention it deserves.

Medical Advice & Support

Prioritising the wellness of our people is fundamental to creating a positive, productive work environment.

Our targeted Health solution includes 24/7 GP consultations, prescription services, and specialist referrals, along with health resources, professional nutrition advice, and discounted gym memberships.

Meanwhile, our private, confidential helpline offers professional counselling support and expert guidance on such issues as work-related pressure, marital stress, and financial difficulties.

Payments Pro supports the mental and physical well-being of our workforce to help you achieve successful working enviroment.