If you are outside of IR35 and are operating your own Ltd company then we can help with processing your income for a low fixed fee.

As well as just processing your income we can also offer the services of our  Ltd specialist accountants.  Our experts can help contractors, freelancers and other small limited company owners with the day to day, quarterly and annual tasks associated with running your own Ltd company.

We have experience with limited company incorporation’s, structuring of shareholdings  (unlocking tax efficiencies), tax compliance and any statutory returns that need filing.

Running your own limited company can be complex but our service makes it simple!

Outside of IR35?  Ready to run your own Limited Company with all the benefits it brings?  Use our form below and we will do the rest.

What sector of industry are you contracted in? ie. Public company (Government services like Nursing/Medical) or Private company (Private security etc.).

What is your current job title/what are you currently employed as?

What is your current pay rate? If variable then please state.

What agency do you currently work for?

What area/town/city do you currently live and/or work in?

Ltd Company Information

My Ltd Company details

If same as above please state otherwise enter the registered address here.

Ltd Company setup details

These are the details needed to setup your Ltd Company with HMRC

This is the amount of shares you would like registered for your company and the individual share worth.

Required security questions for registration

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Banking Information

I need a business bank account

If you have filled in the information in the rest of this form then we have most of the information we need to setup your account. All that is left is for you to upload your proof of ID (passport) and a recent utility bill (from within the last three months).

Terms and Conditions

Payments Pro to which I am subscribing will charge the agreed fee, which is one fee per week (only when you work). We will only charge you once a week no matter how many timesheets you submit that week (for that week).

I understand that Payments Pro Ltd to which I am subscribing will:
  1. Pay my the amount as specified on the submitted timesheets.
  2. Deduct the ‘fee’ as stated above.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring prompt delivery of signed timesheets to the agency and/or end client in accordance with their payment schedule and if required a copy to be faxed or emailed to Payments Pro Ltd.

I acknowledge that Payments Pro Ltd can only ensure that the money specified by the agency or end client will be credited into my bank or building society account on time if the umbrella company (Payments Pro Ltd) has received confirmation of my hours, rate and appropriate funds from the agency to cover my total amount.

I acknowledge that Payments Pro Ltd pays release funds both daily and weekly, which will take up to approximately one working day to clear into my account. Bank holidays will affect payment dates.

I declare that I have the appropriate insurance cover required for the work and tasks that I am contracted for and that Payments Pro Ltd will not be liable for either an Employers’ Liability or Public Liability insurance claim in respect of any incident(s) which occurred during the period from the date of commencing the first assignment whilst working with Payments Pro Ltd and the date of completing the registration form.


I have read and understood the acknowledgements above.

I understand that I will receive payments through Payments Pro Ltd as a payment agent for the agency that will provide contracted work for me.

By signing this application form, I am consenting to Payments Pro Ltd holding and processing personal data and sensitive personal data). Further, I agree to such data being released to third parties (such as Trade Union and insurance providers) where necessary.

I agree that all the information supplied in this form is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

I will send a certified copy of my passport, proof of address from within the last three months, and signed contract of services by process of the online portal.

I confirm that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and by submitting this form I agree that my application to use Payments Pro Ltd as a payment provider will be dealt with subject to status and does not constitute any form of obligation or acceptance of services from Payments Pro until a valid contract of service has been signed by both parties. I authorise Payments Pro to contact my agency or end-user client and authorise them to disclose any information relating to me and my assignment details.