Efficient, Compliant and Reliable Payroll Solution Including Comprehensive DNI Cover

Payments Pro Ltd is a market leader in the provision of DNI cover meaning we can get more drivers on the road and quicker.  This means far greater and employable and efficient workforce ready to go and safe in the knowledge that every driver is covered.

Payments Pro are a fully accredited FCSA member. This means that we are an IR35 and HMRC compliant operation with a focus on adherence to the highest standards of business services, operations, policies and processes.

For agencies, the terms of our policy allows them to expand their workforce beyond their current criteria as well as benefit from the massive commercial savings by removing or reducing the scope of their own internal DNI policy

Umbrella PAYE vs PAYE

Why you are better off with umbrella PAYE

Most people are familiar with standard Pay as You Earn (PAYE). If you use this option, it means that the agency runs the payroll. If you go with the umbrella PAYE option, they’ll run your payroll instead. By using an Umbrella you also gain a number of additional benefits that are specially tailored for temporary workers.

The biggest benefit is the increase in your hourly or daily rate from your agency. This is because your agency no longer has to cover the expense of running an in-house payroll and so, pass this saving on to the contractor.

When you join an umbrella, you gain the flexibility of being a contractor with the reliability of having employed status. This means that your umbrella can pay you benefits, such as maternity and paternity pay and sick pay when you’re under the weather.

As your sole employer your Umbrella will be able to pay you for all of your assignments even if it is from multiple agencies. You get the benefit of one employer, one pay day, one tax code and one P60. This will simplify your tax affairs and will make it easier to prove your income (for example, on a mortgage, loan or visa application).

Compliance & Reliability

Professionalism you can trust

We have always taken compliance seriously. Ensuring our service is reliable and most importantly, ensuring that a contractors HMRC contributions are paid correctly and on time.

We are a fully accredited FCSA member and adhere to the best practice Codes of Compliance designed to ensure that accredited members provide services, advice and employment to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the UK.

The codes of compliance set out by the FCSA provides complete peace of mind to recruiters when selecting an umbrella service for their contractors.

We are an open book and we always welcome feedback on our service. We are happy to respond promptly to any required compliance procedures, due diligence questionnaires, and will provide all the relevant documents for an efficient and streamlined process.

Due to the support from our in-house legal team we can offer all of our clients professional and up to date IR35 help, advice, information and guidance.

Drivers Negligence Insurance

Giving you peace of mind when you're on the road

Drivers Negligence Insurance provides cover against claims in respect of accidental damage caused to a hiring clients vehicle being driven by an agency supplied driver.

When you work with or become an employee of Payments Pro you will automatically be covered by our Drivers Negligence Insurance cover.

The terms of the insurance are as follows:

  • £10,000.00 single claim limit
  • £500.00 fixed excess

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