Payments Pro are now a fully accredited FCSA member further proving our commitment to compliance and market-leading customer service.

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) was setup to ensure that accountancy, umbrella and payroll in the contracting sector had clearly defined standards.  Set up in 2008 they rigorously ensure that registered members follow HMRC legislation and regulation as well as their own defined best practice when working in this sector.

Becoming a member is the result of passing the rigorous standards set by the association.  Having committed to the FCSA Compliance Code, our accreditation assures you that we operate legally, compliantly and with your best interests in mind.

The standards for becoming an accredited member are rigorous and very difficult to achieve.  Assessments on our business services, operations, policies and processes are examined to ensure adherence to FCSA compliance standards. Assessments are carried out by independent assessors that are not connected to the FCSA.  In our case this was Ernst & Young, who are regulated accountants and lawyers.  A review of our assessment was also sent to the HMRC, allowing for complete and absolute transparency.

Chief Executive of the FCSA, Julie Kermode, stated that “Payments Pro has worked hard to secure accreditation and I would like to congratulate Ashley and his team for passing our rigorous assessment which is an achievement to be celebrated.  FCSA Accreditation is not an easy process and we are seeing an increasing number of contractors and recruiters looking for FCSA’s quality mark when they are considering signing up to a professional services company, safe in the knowledge that they will be getting professional, reliable and expert advice”

In response our COO Ashley Holdaway, commented: “We are delighted to have secured FCSA accreditation and it is just reward for our team who work hard to provide contractors and recruiters with a first-class service and reliable advice. In an unregulated industry we have seen and heard about a lot of bad practice by unethical providers who are giving our industry a bad name, hoodwinking contractors to sign up to solutions that are simply wrong. Compliance and transparency, along with value and excellence, lie at the heart of what Payments Pro offers and we are looking forward to working with other FCSA members to drive up standards and provide contractors and recruiters with services that they know they can rely on 100%.”

Our service was designed from the ground-up to be compliant and reliable while also offering outstanding customer service to both contractors and agencies alike.